About Traditional Christmas Advent Calendar 
One of my favourite childhood memories was watching the advent calendar story on TV every day leading up to Christmas.

Every day there was something to learn and be inspired about. Sometimes it is related to the story of Jesus and other times it is simply about sacrifice/sharing/giving.

The traditional Christmas Advent Calendar has been put together to allow all people regardless of religion, belief, or culture to appreciate the spirit and meaning of Christmas in a way they wish to feel inspired to. Every day leading up to Christmas day you can open a new door on the calendar and the following content will be revealed:

1) Christmas Story video (watch and/or read)

2) Inspiring Christmas carols & songs

3) Inspiring message on sacrifice/sharing/giving.

Why not watch some or all of them every day with your family and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

Feel free to share this calendar with your family and friends.

If you have any suggestions/comments feel free to tweet me.
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