Tithing Slip (Gift Aid) History

Change Requests

1Make the new Tithing amount more visible ie draw attention to it when it has been calculated.Done
2Reorder text at the bottom.It was too easy to click on the link instead of the Total button on a smartphone.Done
3Make a history file for changes.Done
4Make text at the bottom lighter. It is hard to see on a smartphone with small screen.Done
5Add ability to calculate tithing amount based on wages received ie calculate month tithing based on yearly amount.Done
6Make page fixed size to make it sit nicely on smartphones.Done
7Make it default to Tithing box when you click to reset.Done
8When clicking to reset only clear the needed boxes, not all the fields.Done
9Include link on history page to go back to the calculator.Done
10When you reset make the tithing box go back to the original amount.Fixed
11Make buttons slightly bigger for smartphones.Done
12Suggestion to support 40% Tax Band.Done
13If you mistakenly put a non-number character in the box (like a £) with the numbers then it all gets set to zero.Fixed
14Suggestion to give warning if gift aid reclaimed is bigger than tax paid.Done
15Change wording 'Wage' to 'Income'.Done
16Change rate from 22% to 20% due to new tax year.Done
17Ensure the column "Other" is not included in the calculation.Done

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